The Faro Focus S70 laser scanner is a state-of-the-art laser scanner design for ultra high accurate measurements and on site data capture across an extended temperature range. As the most versatile 3D laser scanner on the market, it delivers high levels of accuracy even in wet weather conditions and other challenging environments.

FARO Focus S 70 Laser Scanner delivers industrial grade performance with an exceptional price/performance ratio. This includes an Ingress Protection (IP) Rating of 54 for use in high particulate and wet weather conditions, HDR imaging and extended temperature range. Additionally, users will continue to have unrestricted freedom of choice to leverage the software tools most beneficial to their own workflow, including FARO SCENE and 3rd party software solutions such as Autodesk ReCap.

Short, Medium And Long Range Applications
The Faro Focus S70 is an incredible piece of equipment, capable of scanning and measuring complex structures at any range with a high degree of angular accuracy. Whether you are scanning at short range or over an increased distance, you can get impeccable scan data in three dimensions. As well as measuring up-close and at a distance, the Faro Focus laser scanner is suitable for indoor and outdoor measurements.

Designed for performance, FARO Focus Laser Scanners are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor measurements in industries such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Public Safety and Forensics or Product Design. All devices capture real world information used in the digital world to analyze, collaborate and execute decisions to improve and maintain the overall project and product quality.

The FocusS Laser Scanner series offers advanced functionality. In addition to increased distance, angular accuracy, and range, the FocusS and FocusS Plus scanners’ on-site compensation function ensures high-quality measurements, while external accessory bays and HDR functionality make the scanner extremely flexible.

Fast And Accurate Measurements
The Faro Focus S70 laser scanner delivers significant time savings compared to other laser scanners. Its intuitive touch screen display makes it easy to operate, while its automatic object recognition facility and swift data collection allows you to spend less time in the field. The device is fitted with a built-in SD card reader, so you can download your freshly harvested data and import it into a CAD or other software package once you’re back at the office. This improves product quality and reduces down-time.

The Best Faro Laser Scanners
The Faro Focus S70 laser scanner might be the most impressive 3D laser scanner available. Using crystal clear HDR photography, the device records architectural façades with speed and accuracy. It has a robust product design, preventing it from being damaged in even the most challenging environments. It benefits from industry standard ingress protection, thanks to its unique sealed design, ensuring a laser scanner that is built to last.

Highest accuracy and range by using a combination of the most advanced sensor technologies.

Rescanning of Distant Targets
The Scan Group feature identifies multiple areas to be rescanned with higher resolution to either perform accurate target detection or to capture smaller areas of interest with greater detail.

IP Rating 54 and Extended Temperature Range
With the sealed design and certified with the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating, IP54, the Focus can be used in wet weather conditions at temperatures from -20°C to 55°C8

Compact and Portable
Focus Laser Scanners are the smallest and lightest devices in their performance class.

On-Site Compensation (Focus S and S Plus models only)
With the on-site compensation functionality, users can verify and adjust the FocusS compensation immediately before scanning, ensuring high-quality scan data and traceable documentation.

On-Site Registration (Focus S and S Plus models only)
During on-site data capture, the laser scanner immediately transmits scan data wirelessly to FARO SCENE for real-time scan processing and registration, providing efficiency and time savings.


  • Confidence in documented data-quality by traceable calibration and market-leading on-site compensation.
  • Mount the FocusS scanner in an inverted position, such as under a ceiling of a hall.
  • The Focus Laser Scanner portfolio offers the most economic 3D scanning solution for all requirements and budgets.
  • Minimum training effort is ensured by the intuitive and easy to operate touch-screen interface as well as hands-on and online tutorials.
  • Efficient integration into existing software infrastructures and workflows are provided by interfaces to various standard CAD systems.
  • Offers the highest accuracy and range. It’s also compact and portable, being one of the smallest and lightest devices in its performance class.
  • If you’re after efficiency and time saving, the laser scanner immediately transmits scan data wirelessly to FARO SCENE for real-time processing and registration.

Come With;

  • Faro Focus S 70 Laser Scanner: with HDR Photography, GPS, Compass, Altimeter (Barometer), Dual-axis
  • Compensator, WLAN, Accessory Bay, IP Rating 54, On-site Compensation Functionality
  • FARO SCENE software license
  • Battery Power Block, Battery Power Dock
  • 90W Power Supply
  • Optic Cleaning Fluid, Optic Cleaning Tissues
  • 32GB SD Card, SD Card Reader, SD Card Cover
  • Allen Wrench
  • Rugged Transport Case
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Quick Start Guide


Power Supply19V (external supply), 14.4V (internal battery)
Power Consumption15W idle, 25W scanning, 80W charging
Battery Service Life4.5 hours
TemperatureOperating: 5° - 40° C | Extended Operating?: -20° - 55° C | Storage: -10°- 60°C
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating ClassIP54
Humidity ResistanceNon-condensing
Weight4.2 kg (including battery)
Size/Dimensions230 x 183 x 103mm
Maintenance / CalibrationRecommended annua
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  • Brand: FARO

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