The Raptor a very high performance Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with a Full Imaging system built in. Low cost, High Accuracy defect mapping and recording. Ideal for all tasks from Corrosion mapping to composite inspection. A wide range of scanners are available to suit differing tasks. Our most popular ultrasonic flaw detector.

The Raptor flaw detector is used daily throughout the aerospace, automotive, composite, and oil and gas industries.  Featuring an enhanced colour display and the ability to drive scanners for the collection of A, B, and C-scan data, the Raptor collects more accurate results than other portable flaw detectors on the market.

The Raptor is an All New category in Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors. The Raptor is not only a contemporary high speed flaw detector BUT, also INCLUDES a Full Featured C-Scan Imaging System within the same package. Incorporating three 32 bit microprocessors, the Raptor offers substantially more in capability than ANY conventional flaw detector from ANY competitor. Press the Flaw Mode key and the Raptor performs as any High Performance flaw detector would. Press the Imaging key and the Raptor becomes a full featured Flaw Detector AND Imaging System matching and in some cases exceeding the features of imaging systems costing more than $40,000, at standard Flaw Detector prices !! Why buy any "standard" flaw detector when you can rely on a company offering 35 years of ultrasonic innovation.

Full Featured Ultrasonic Flaw Detector AND Full Imaging System for the price of a STANDARD Flaw Detector:

  • All-in-one high resolution, high speed, ultrasonic flaw detector, thickness gauge and B-Scan, C-Scan Imaging system
  • Supports range of manual and automatic scanners for encoded B-Scan and C-Scan Imaging
  • Spike and square wave tuneable pulser, 5,000Hz PRF 
  • Fully Capable of using Multiple probe types
  • Colour display (5.7” VGA sun readable)
  • Portable Instrument in a Robust Aluminium case with rubber end caps
  • Free Software Updates

Three-in-One InstrumentThe Raptor is an all-in-one high resolution ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector and imaging flaw detector capable of driving a range of manual and automatic scanners. As a high-speed ultrasonic flaw detector, the Raptor is unique with it’s robust aluminium construction, class leading 5kHz PRF, spike or tuneable square wave pulser at 50V-450V and a large 5.7” sun readable screen all as standard. Capable of operating in a frequency range from 0.5MHz to 30MHz it can run single, dual, contact, angle, delay line and immersion transducers. Data storage is through an SD Card for easy transfer and a field-replaceable Li-ion battery gives 8 - 10 hours longevity. The display can run in SplitView screen mode with auto tracking of the echo and a simultaneous view of the B-Scan or C-Scan and the live A-trace.

Applications Include:

  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection and Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging in most materials
  • C-scan Ultrasonic flaw detection or ultrasonic thickness gauging
  • Composite material inspection using thickness or amplitude flaw gates
  • Investment Castings Turbine blades
  • Corrosion mapping on pipes, tanks and vessels
  • Aerospace Inspections
  • Storage Tanks
  • Boilers
  • Metals, plastics, composites, glass, rubber

Advanced NDT Ltd & NDT Systems, Inc., are once again pleased to introduce a new and novel concept in Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors. The Raptor ushers in a new category of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors by offering full imaging capability in a standard hand held flaw detector. Not only is the RAPTOR a high performance flaw detector offering features usually found on premium flaw detectors but it adds functionality including C-Scan, Dual Axis B-Scan, 3D, Pan & Zoom, Spreadsheet review mode and more.


  • Standard package includes instrument, Pelican style shipping case, manual, batteries and AC
  • SplitScan view- Display A-Trace and B-scan or C-scan simultaneously C-scan imaging
  • Imaging view: Encoded B-scan, spreadsheet view, pan & zoom, 3D, histogram
  • 20 point DAC included
  • Dual A-Trace SplitView
  • Time and Encoded B-scan, (scanner optional)
  • Multiple Gate capability
  • Peak Echo hold: fixed or unique timed 'waterfall' reset
  • Calibration- Range, Delay, Zero and Velocity
  • Fully Capable of using Multiple probe types and makes
  • Auto probe recognition or library selectable
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Display intensity 10% - 100%
  • Audible and visual alarm modes, thickness high, low or high/low. Amplitude /- level
  • Programmable user set-ups
  • Auto 80% gain control
  • Screen freeze mode, freeze and save
  • Selectable resolution
  • Windows based RAPWIN software for imaging analysis
  • F1-F8 Context sensitive direct access keys

Direct access keys to major menus

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  • Brand: NDT SYSTEMS

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