TOPAZ32 is a fully integrated, high-performance phased array UT device — a complete solution for your inspections. TOPAZ32 boosts productivity, reduces job time duration and can lower total cost of ownership, making it a smart investment. TOPAZ32 is used with UltraVision Touch, a multi-touch screen providing an efficient interface with setup and analysis software.

The Zetec TOPAZ 32 Phased Array UT (PAUT) features up to 32 active channels on up to 128 element probes. The Zetec TOPAZ 32 instrument can use the same 32 transmitters and receivers or can be operated in PR mode using up to 32 channels as transmitters and 32 other receivers for advanced inspections. Phased Array probes are connected on a solid Zero Insertion Force secured connector, whereas 4 Lemo 00 connectors can be used simultaneously for pulse-echo or TOFD inspections.

The Zetec Topaz 32 is a fully integrated Ultrasonic Testing solution for the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Manufacturing, and Transportation Industries. Configure inspections on complex specimens like axial or circumferential welds using any Zetec scanner or probe. Utilizing speed and onboard processing, the Topaz 32 makes way for bigger onboard data files and quicker analysis. The new 64-bit onboard computer offers extra computing power and reduces processing by half, improving the operating of the unit. The multi-touch hi-resolution display is 64% better than the standard displays and can be used indoors and outdoors with clear visibility. The touchscreen is also usable while wearing gloves.

The Topaz 32 offers fully integrated processes with an intuitive user interface similar to a smartphone or tablet. Visual feedback of the onboard shape editor and advanced focal law calculator allow for easy setup creation and optimization. Signals can be digitized using an 800% FSH scale, reducing the chances of re-scan due to signal saturation during the acquisition. The Topaz 32 currently supports 2D Dual Matrix Probes. Setups for 1D or 2D probes can be created using TOPAZ32 embedded tools. C-Scan data from different files can be consolidated with the Data Stitching Tool.

Two high quality dedicated UT channels allow conventional UT (pulse-echo, pitch-and-catch, or TOFD) and Phased Array inspections to be carried out simultaneously. Sectorial and linear scanning combine to increase the covered inspection area while reducing scanning time.

Housing for the Topaz 32, made from magnesium, features a closed design to prevent dust, humidity, or contamination from getting inside the unit. The removable external fan optimizes heat dissipation.


  • Encoded and manual inspections
  • Inspection of complex components
  • Weld inspection
  • Corrosion mapping


  • Resolution is 64% better than standard displays
  • 64-bit onboard computer reduces processing time by up to 50%
  • Supports 2D matrix array probes without additional external software
  • Create as many inspection groups as needed with up to 1024 focal laws
  • Advanced focal law calculator with visual feedback allows for easy setup preparation
  • The housing is designed so there is no air intake
  • The UltraVision Touch calculator now supports 2D matrix array probes without using external software


Multi-touch display10.4" (1024 x 728 pixels)
Air IntakeNo
Measurement Gates4 gates 1 synchronization gate
Phased Array ConnectorZPAC Connector (custom ZIF with latch)
Phased Array Channels32/128 P or 32/128 PR
UT Channels2 P/E or 2 P&C
Digitizing FrequencyUp to 100 MHz
Amplitude Resolution16 bits
Data InterfacesEthernet 1000 Base-T; 1 x USB 3.0; 2 x USB 2.0
Maximum PRF12 kHz
Maximum Pulser Voltage (Open Circuit)105V PA UT / 215V UT
Maximum Applied Voltage (50 ohms)75V PA UT / 200V UT
Maximum Number of Samples8,192 - 16,384 (remote - UltraVision® 3)
Data Acquisition & AnalysisUltraVision Touch; UltraVision 3
Real-time Data CompressionYes
FilteringAnalog/digital (FIR)
Smoothing (Video Filter)Digital
Battery OperationYes (Hot Swap)
Automated Probe DetectionYes
Dynamic Depth Focusing (DDF)Yes
# Focal Laws (DDF)1024
Encoder Interfaces2 Quadrature-type
PC Software ControlUltraVision Touch embedded
Serves as Protection KeyLicense for UltraVision Touch
Video OutputDVI (Digital and Analog)
Maximum Data File Size2 GB onboard - 20 GB (remote using UltraVision® 3)
Embedded Hard Drive120 GB SSD
Bandwidth (-3 dB)From 0.5 to 18 MH z
Dimensions (H x W x D)5.2" × 10.3" × 12.8" (13.2 x 26 x 32.6 cm)
Weight13.9 lbs (6.3kg)
Instrument CalibrationCompliant with ISO 18563-1
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  • Brand: ZETEC

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