The 250S is the top of the range instrument in this series. It includes all the software features of the 150S, combined with a narrow band amplifier and TCG, for more demanding ultrasonic applications. The square wave ActiveEdge pulser automatically optimizes for each filter band selected, ensuring maximum performance.

Sonatest's comprehensive range of portable ultrasonic flaw detectors provide the end user with unrivalled flexibility and performance in the field of Non Destructive Flaw detection.

All instruments are field upgradable, reducing your downtime and increasing your working flexibility, rising to the challenge of your application. Sonatest are proud to offer some of the most powerful and rugged UT flaw detectors on the market with our product development always focussed on operator and end user requirements.


  • Sunlight viewable, color trans-reflective TFD display
  • Easy-to-use, user friendly operating system
  • DAC, AWS, API and DGS (AVG) included at no extra cost!
  • Digital flaw location (thickness and angle beam trig.)
  • Curve correction
  • Full screen A-Scan display
  • Waterproof - IP67 case
  • Shockproof case
  • 15 hour battery life!
  • BNC or Lemo Connectors - your choice
  • Wide band amplifier
  • Affordable price
  • Thickness Data Logger (8,000 readings)
  • Auto-Cal for fast set-up
  • 2 gates
  • Depth/E-E/Trig measurement
  • Auto-Cal
  • 8000 thickness readings storage capacity


Ideal for the following applications: Casting Inspection, Corrosion Inspection, Crack Detection, General Flaw Detection, Maintenance, Pitting Detection, Welding Inspection.


Test Range0-5mm (0.2in) up to 0-10000 (400in) at steel velocity. Variable in sequence, 10mm or 1mm
Velocity1000 – 9999 m/s
Probe Zero0 – 999.999 us
Delay0 – 10000m at steel velocity in 0.05 steps (0 – 400 in 0.002 in steps)
Gain0 – 110dB in 0.5, 1, 2, 6, 10, 14, 20 dB steps
Test ModesPulse echo and transmit-receive
GatesTwo fully independent gates for echo monitoring and thickness measurement. Start and width adjustable over full range of unit, amplitude variable from 0 to 100% FSH. Bar presentation. Positive or negative triggering for each gate with audible and visual alarms.
Measurement Modes
DepthDepth and amplitude of signal in gate
Echo – EchoEcho – Echo distance, automatic gate 2 position
Gate to GateEcho – Echo distance, manual gate 2 position
TrigTrigonometric display of beam path, depth and surface distance Calculation of skip depth and curve surface compensation, X-offset for transducer
T-MinHolds minimum thickness in depth mode
Pulser Voltage-200 volt peak amplitude, rise/fall time <10ns into 50 ohm
Pulser WidthFixed 100ns 30 – 250 ns linked to filter band
Pulser Repetition FrequencySelectable 5 – 1000Hz.
DisplayColour transflective TFT Display area 111.4 x 83.5mm (4.39 x 3.29 in) A-scan area 315 x 200 max Variable brightness Sunlight viewable
8 Selectable colour schemes for A-scan & menu
Screen Update Rate50 or 60Hz
RectificationFull Wave, positive, negative, RF
Frequency BandsBroadband 1 – 10 Mhz (-6dB)
Vertical Linearity1% full screen height
Amplifier Linearity- 0.1 dB
Horizontal Linearity0.33% full screen width
Reject50% Suppressive LED warning light when activated
Waveform SmoothingProduces a smooth signal envelope
Unitsmm, inches or time
AGCAutomatic Gain Control sets selected echo to a user defined level (10-90%)
DACUp to 10 points may be entered and used to digitally draw a DAC curve Reference -2, -6, -10, -12, -14 dB curves can be selected for JIS, ASME and EN1714 codes
AWSAutomatic defect sizing in accordance with AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code
APIAutomatic defect sizing in accordance with API 5UE
AVG/DGSAutomatic defect sizing using probe data
TCGTime corrected Gain 40dB dynamic range, 30dB per microsecond, up to 10 points for curve definition.
A-scan Memory800 waveforms
Panel Memory100 stores for calibration setting
Thickness Logging8000 readings stored in Block/Location/Number coding or alpha-numeric pre-programmed work sheets Transferable to Excel using optional SDMS
Auto-CalAutomatic calibration with two echoes
Reference WaveformRecalled waveform can be shown in a different colour to live waveform for direct comparison
Display FreezeHolds current waveform on screen
Peak MemoryFor echo-dynamic pattern capture
Front USBFor connection to PC, keyboard and printer
OutputsSerial Interface, composite video (PAL & NTSC), analogue output for amplitude and distance updated at PRF rate Transmitter sync output
BatteryLithium Ion 14.4V 5.0 ampere hours Up to 16 hours, indication of battery charge. Recharge time 4 hours. Mains pack option
Charger100 – 240 VAC, 50-60Hz
EnvironmentalMeets IP67
Temperature RangeOperating -10o C to 55o C (14o F – 131o F) Storage -40o C to 75o C (-40o F to 167o F)
Size256 x 145 x 145mm (10 x 5.7 x 5.7 in.)
Weight2.5Kg (5.5 lbs) with battery
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  • Brand: SONATEST

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