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Oxford Instruments new X-MET5100 takes the analytical performance of hand-held XRF to a completely new level. X-MET5100 combines Oxford Instruments ground-breaking Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) with a powerful 45kV X-ray tube. This technology enables the analysis of light elements such as Mg, Al, and Si without the need for a vacuum or helium attachments.

X-MET hand-held XRF analysers are specifically designed for:

  • positive material identification (PMI)
  • metal identification/scrap sorting
  • analysis of alloys and hazardous material analysis (RoHS screening)
  • analysis of heavy metals in soils on polluted lands and ores at mining sites
  • screening for lead in toys
  • detection of lead in paint


  • Closed beam operation for increased radiation safety
  • Improved measurement precision
  • Simplified sample positioning
  • Simplified and more comfortable operation when measuring many samples

At the pull of a trigger, the X-MET5000 and X-MET5100 X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers provide fast, highly accurate, on-the-spot sample screening and analysis. The need for expensive laboratory testing is minimal. X-MET enables GPS integration for real-time correlation of measurement data and location coordinates.

  • Accurate and reliable identification of heavy element pollutants
  • Define the extremities of ‘hotspots’ in seconds
  • Easy data transfer to PC assures maximum efficiency and minimum errors when working on-site
  • Pre-sort contaminated soil to minimize remediation costs
  • Soil remediation decisions made instantly
  • Fast and reliable Go/No-Go decisions,and fully configurable Pass/Fail alarms


ManufacturerOxford Instruments
Product NameX-MET 5100
Detection CategoryChemical
Detection PrincipleElemental Analysis;
Detection MethodX-ray Fluorescence;
ApplicationEmergency Response; Laboratory Analysis;
Equipment TypeInstrument
Product SynopsisOxford Instruments’ X-MET5100 combines Oxford Instruments Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) with a 45kV X-ray tube. This technology enables the analysis of light elements such as Mg, Al, and Si without the need for a vacuum or helium attachments.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)9
Dimensions11.8 x 10.6 x 3.5 in (30 x 27 x 9 cm)
Weight<5 lbs.; 3.7 lbs (1.7 kg)
Power RequirementsAC/DC Line Power; Lithium Battery; Battery, and AC power through the battery charger
RuggednessExtreme Temperatures/Humidity; drop sensitive
Operating Conditions–10 to 50°C. May be affected by high humidity extremes.
Consumables<$1,000/year; Measurement window, Batteries
Calibration SchedulePerformed by the user
Communications InterfaceSerial cable, USB adaptor can be purchased.
Other Chemical TargetsProgrammed to detect elements Mg-U
Sample IntroductionSolid
Sensitivity/Detection Limitsppm
Start Up Time (From Cold Start To Sample Ready)1 minute
Response Time (Sample Application To Output)<1 minute; 3 seconds and up
Alarm CapabilityVisual response
Software ControlOn-board, PC
Other Operational ParametersNew libraries can be programmed to account for changes in the density of materials.
Training Required<1 day training
Training AvailableTraining available for basic and advanced users
Manuals AvailableOperator’s Manual and a Quick Start Guide
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