X-MET 7000 handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) includes a color LCD screen. The new design is based on extensive customer research and offers an improved, intuitive and easy-to-read graphical user interface.

Oxford Instruments is proud to launch a new, faster handheld XRF analyser for high performance measurement - the X-MET7000 eXpress. The new X-MET7000 eXpress delivers the high performance that is needed when measuring trace elements without compromising on time. The new X-MET7000 eXpress delivers accurate analysis, lower limits of detection, improved precision (repeatability) and faster analysis time.

The NEW X-MET7000 and X-MET7500 handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysers are designed with your needs in mind, for your environment. These rugged and rapid multi-element analysers provide you with the exceptional level of analytical performance for which Oxford Instruments has been known for more than 50 years.

The X-MET7000 Series comes with the largest alloy grades library available on the handheld XRF markets, providing more than 1,600 grades to ensure accurate identification of metals. As part of the X-MET7000 Series, the X-MET7000 eXpress offers the largest touch screen available on the market with its intuitive and easy-to-read graphical user interface. Large functional icons make learning how to use the instrument simple and quick. The bright and high contrast 4.3” Blanview transmissive LCD touch screen ensures optimal outdoor viewing, even in direct sunlight. Its ease of use guarantees maximum productivity. Up to 10-12 hours battery life enables operation for a full working day on a single battery charge.

X-MET7000 Series:

  • X-MET7000 is the ideal tool for the rapid verification of jewellery value and authenticity
  • X-MET7500 provides additional analytical flexibility, and the higher performance needed to determine low levels of impurities

The X-MET7000 is a cost-effective tool for simple applications such as the analysis of:

  • Lead in paint and strontium in drywall screening in home inspection
  • Toxic elements (e.g. arsenic) in scrap wood
  • Gold content (karat) in jewellery, etc.

The X-MET7000 includes Oxford Instruments’ X-ray tube and PIN-diode detector, enabling the determination of elements from Chlorine (Cl) to Uranium (U).


Oxford Instruments
Product NameX-MET 7000
Detection CategoryChemical; Explosives
Detection PrincipleElemental Analysis;
Detection MethodX-ray Fluorescence ;
ApplicationEmergency Response; Laboratory Analysis; Screening;
Equipment TypeInstrument
Product SynopsisX-MET 7000 handheld energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) includes a color LCD screen. The new design is based on extensive customer research and offers an improved, intuitive and easy-to-read graphical user interface.
Technology Readiness Level (TRL)9
User Feedback SourcesIndifferent/No user feedback
Dimensions3.6 x 11 x 10.6 in (9 x 28 x 27 cm)
Weight<5 Lbs.; 4 Lbs. (1.8 kg)
Power RequirementsLithium Battery; Rechargeable batteries
Noise ProducedNeglibible
RuggednessWaterproof/Resistant; Dust; IP54
Calibration ScheduleUser calibration performed before analysis
Suggested Routine MaintenanceNone
Available AccessoriesBenchtop stand, light stand and radiation shield, Holster with a belt, Portable Bluetooth printer
Communications InterfaceBluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi
Expected Operational Life10 to 12 hour battery life
Shelf Life>5 years
Unit Cost$19,000.00
Tested For Chemical AgentsNot Applicable
Tested For ITF-25 TIC/TIMsNot Applicable
Tested For ExplosivesNot Applicable
Tested For NarcoticsNot Applicable
Other Chemical TargetsUsed for Materials Analysis
Tested For Biological AgentsNot Applicable
Other Biological TargetsNot Applicable
Radiological TargetsNot Applicable
Sample IntroductionVapor/Gas; Liquid; Solid
Response Time (Sample Application To Output)<1 minute
Total Run Time15 seconds from a cold start to first measurement
Alarm CapabilityNo
Software ControlOn-board, PC
Other Operational ParametersNone
Training Required<1 day training
Training AvailableYes
Manuals AvailableOperator’s Manual
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